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DEFY Hong Kong | Cardio Jump
A Brand new FITNESS Concept


DEFY Hong Kong is newly established by Hong Kong Institute of Rope Skipping (HKIRS) in 2015, which is momentarily a professional rope skipping equipment brand but will be more than that afterwards. The HKIRS does not want to be ruled by the general perception of rope skipping, so,  “Make everyone jumps rope” is the fundamental goal that we would love to achieve at this moment. Meanwhile, by the nature of rope skipping – high calories consumption, DEFY aims to rebrand rope skipping as a new fitness concept.In terms of product quality, HKIRS with its solid technical support has demonstrated professionalism within their equipments. What’s more, DEFY isas well focusing on customers experience, therefore, occasion workshop seminars and online training program tutorials are available for selection. Rope Skipping is more than what you think, DEFY is more than just a rope.

More than a Rope. Take your step to learn our attitude.


“According our expertise in rope skipping, we have incorporate the teaching experience into the design of the entire rope. Weight and material are carefully calculated to make a perfect match between handle, rope, bead. With the aid of professionalism in equipment, you are able to step out of your comfort zone and get a bite of rope skipping, also along with our tutorials.”


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